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Make your own bubble protective packaging as you need it.

24" wide bubble, now available! Eliminate the mess of packing peanuts and the storage required of premade bubble.

The space-saving MINI PAK'R® air cushion machine replaces traditional packing peanuts and is an important addition for any retailer’s ship from store program, small business shipper, ebay shipper, and pack-and-ship store.

Affordable, Easy, and Green

Our green air cushions are the next generation of sustainable packaging for businesses looking to address the environmental concerns of their customers. From manufacturing to disposal, our green air cushions are made to provide superior product protection while being environmentally friendly.

The MINI PAK'R provides instant protective packaging and makes bubble air cushions for wrapping, lining and void fill solutions. Now on-demand inflatable packaging is available to everyone! The MINI PAK'R has proven to be the perfect tool for national retailer's ship from store programs.

The MINI PAK’R is Big on its Small Footprint

You no longer need costly extra storage space for pre-made bubble, or protective packaging popcorn. The MINI PAK'R is an ideal way to help reduce your carbon footprint. One roll of inflatable packaging film replaces about seven bags of packing peanuts. Our MINI PAK'R makes seven different air cushions using the superior cushioning protection of NOVUS® films and the reliable void fill of CELL-O® films.

The large bubble void fill produced by the MINI PAK'R, reduces the amount of bubble required - saving money in shipping costs and storage space. It's easy to operate since the machine "reads" an RFID tag in the film and automatically sets the air fill amount and seal temperature. It fits packing tables or can be wall mounted, and carts are available for added mobility.

Who Should Use MINI PAK’R?

The MINI PAK'R is perfect for anyone shipping just a few packages to 150 boxes a day. Thousands of retailers, shipping companies, and ebay shippers have experienced the advantages of this bubble protective packaging machine. It’s time you did the same. Let us show you how.

MINI PAK’R helps you save a significant amount of time that can be used for other productive strategies aimed at expanding your business operations. Choose your preferred way of getting in touch with us at our Contact Us page.

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